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A woman experience a breathtaking Mountain View

Music for our ears…

Adega dos Leões

At the Region of Vinhos Verdes, Sub-Region of Basto.

Casa da Tojeira

At the Region of Vinhos Verdes, Sub-Region of Basto.

Casa de Encosturas

Fruit, herb and flower awarded liqueurs of the highest quality.

Pena Aventura Park

Big adventure park, for all ages, 30 minutes from QDR.

Projecto Raízes

Nature walks, trial runs and much more, by two Biologists.

Pé na Terra

Nature walks, water walks, forest walks, everything walks.

Quinta Sta. Cristina

Wine tastings, picnics, cellar visits and much more.

Vertical Dream

Canyoning and Rafting. What a blast. 30 minutes from QdR.

Casa do Tempo

Museum that portrays our uses, customs and traditions.

Tâmega bicycle path

Winner of the “Special European Greenways Award EYR 2021”.

S. Miguel Monestery

Dated before the XII century, all can be visited.

Railway Center

In Arco-de-Baúlhe, you can visit old locomotives and carriages.

Casa da Lã

Museum that portrays the art of traditional wool manufacturing.


Leisure park with watermills from the XII century.


Convento S. Gonçalo, museum Amadeo de Sousa Cardoso, etc.

Douro Region

World Heritage, is about 75 km away from QDR by motorway.

Guimarães City

European Capital of Culture 2012, it's 40km from QDR.

Oporto City

World Heritage, at 100 km away from QdR by motorway.


Biosphere World Heritage National Park, 40 km from QDR.

Vila Real

Mateus Palace, House of Camilo Castelo Branco, and much more.

Must visit.

We offer a direct contact with nature, where you can truly rest.
We’re also the perfect base to discover the North of Portugal, with motorways leading to:

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Served by low cost flights across Europe (90km).

UNESCO World Heritage Site

About 40 km from our location.

Peneda Geres Wild Park
UNESCO World Heritage Site

Biosphere Reserve, about 40 km from our location.

Douro Wine Region
UNESCO World Heritage Site

Home of Port wine, about 70 km from our location.

Penaventura Park

About 30 km from our location.